Week #2: Best Of Nites 04 - 05 - 06
In London (O2 Arena main shows and indigO2 aftershows)
Artist: Prince & The N.P.G.
Title: Get On The Clipper Boat
Catalog Number: (<o>) 24-28
Format: Quintuple AUDIO-CD (5 CD-set )
Sources: Digital Master Recordings (24 bit)
Sound Quality: Excellent 2-Source Audience Matrix Mixes on ALL these shows! From uncirculating masters. Check the "Appetizer" file!
Timing: 6 Hours 32 Minutes (392')
Packaging: Thick CD Case with clear trays - 16-Page Booklet Including The Special Set-List Map - Featuring Collage-boXartworX?: p art 2 out of 7 of the unique collector's package design.
Standard Prince & The NPG Line-Up:
Prince: vox, guitar, bass, keys
Renato Neto: jazz keys
Morris Hayes: funk keys
Cora Coleman-Dunham: drums
Josh Dunham: bass
Maceo Parker: alto sax
Mike Philips: alto sax, vocoder, tenor sax
Greg Boyer: trombone
Lee Hogans: trumpet
Shelby Johnson: lead & backing vox
Marva King: backing vox
The Twinz - Maya & Nandy McLean: dancing, backing vox
DJ Rashida: 3121 IndigO2 resident DJ
Standard Grupo Fantasma Line-Up:
Jose Galeano (vox, timbales/percussion)
Greg Gonzalez (bass)
Johnny Lopez III (drums)
Matthew Holmes (congas/percussion)
Francisco Martinez (guitar, cuatro)
Adrian M. Quesada (guitar)
Gilbert Elorreaga (trumpet)
Leo Gauna (trombone)
Eugene Centeno (sax - alto & tenor)
David S. Lobel (sax - bari & tenor)
Rodolfo Rodriguez (background vox)
Description - Set-List - Detailed Information:
Nite 04: O2 Arena, 07.08.2007 pm, 120'
Line-Up changes: feat. Grupo Fantasma (encore); no Shelby J.
DISC 1 - 77:05
01 D.M.S.R. [PA video: Houston 2004]
-Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So) [The Chi-Lites/as sampled in Beyonce's "Crazy In Love"] (instr.)
02 Little Red Corvette
03 Raspberry Beret
04 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
05 Alphabet St.
06 Sometimes It Snows In April
07 Cream
08 U Got The Look
09 Musicology
-(Eye Like) Funky Music (chant)
-Freaks On This Side (chant)
10 Pass The Peas [The JBs]
-(Eye Like) Funky Music (chant)
11 Give It To Me Baby [Rick James]
12 Play That Funky Music [Wild Cherry] (vox: fan from audience)
13 I Feel For You
14 Controversy
15 What A Wonderful World [Louis Armstrong] (instr., Renato Neto & Mike Phillips)
16 Somewhere Here On Earth
17 Diamonds And Pearls
18 The Beautiful Ones
19 How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore
20 Condition Of The Heart
21 Do Me, Baby
22 I Wanna Be Your Lover
23 If I Was Your Girlfriend
Remarks :
01: PA video: Musicology Tour live from Houston, Toyota Center, 06 or 07.08.2004 pm
02-06: Prince - "Hohn Alone"
16-22: Prince - Piano sit-down (16-21: solo, 22: full band)
DISC 2 - 78:42
01 Black Sweat
02 Kiss
03 Purple Rain
04 Let's Go Crazy
05 Take Me With U
06 Guitar
07 Get On The Boat
-Freaks On This Side (chant)
08 Little Red Corvette
09 Raspberry Beret (full band)
10 Sometimes It Snows In April
11 The Beautiful Ones
/ Diamonds And Pearls (short)
12 rockabilly jam (full band)
13 Strange Relationship
14 Do Me, Baby (full band)
15 I Wanna Be Your Lover (instr. outro, full band)
16 Play That Funky Music [Wild Cherry]
-Psychoticbumpschool [Bootsy's Rubber Band] (instr.)
17 Skin Tight [Ohio Players] (instr.)
-(Eye Like) Funky Music (chant)
Nite 04: indigO2, 08.08.2007 am, 118'
Grupo Fantasma 80' (70'+10') + Prince & The NPG 40' aftershow sets
Line-Up changes: No Shelby J.! Mixing with Grupo Fantasma
Remarks :
07: feat. special guest Grupo Fantasma
08-17: Bonus Tracks - Nite 06: O2 Arena, 11.08.2007 pm, 20'
08-10: Prince - "Hohn Alone" (09: full band)
11-15: Prince - Piano sit-down (11+13: solo, 12+14+15: full band)
18-20: Nite 04: indigO2, 08.08.2007 am - Grupo Fantasma aftershow set
DISC 3 - 78:50
01 Chocolate [Grupo Fantasma]
02 Chronico 2000 [Grupo Fantasma]
03 Soul Power '74 [Maceo & The Macks] (Prince on guitar-vox-bandleader)
-Think (About It) [Lyn Collins]
04 Soul Vaccination [Tower Of Power] (Prince on drums)
-I Know You Got Soul [Bobby Byrd] (chant)
05 The Cisco Kid [War]
06 Ya Llego [Felito Felix]
-Soul Sacrifice [Santana]
07 La Murga [Willie Colon]
08 Montero [Grupo Fantasma] (Prince on guitar)
09 Oye Como Va [Tito Puente] (Prince on guitar)
10 I Like It There (instr. rock jam)
11 Outa-Space [Billy Preston]
12 Superstition [Stevie Wonder] (vocoder: Mike Phillips)
13 Tell Me Something Good [Rufus feat. Chaka Khan] (vox: Marva King)
14 Higher Ground [Stevie Wonder] (vox: Marva King)
15 Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) [Sly & The Family Stone] (instr.)
16 More Bounce To The Ounce [Zapp & Roger] (vocoder: Mike Phillips)
Remarks :
01-09: Nite 04: indigO2, 08.08.2007 am - Grupo Fantasma aftershow set feat. Prince & The NPG
03: Prince on guitar & vox
04: Prince on drums & vox, NPG join
08+09: Prince on guitar
10-16: Nite 04: indigO2, 08.08.2007 am - Prince & The NPG aftershow
10+15+16: Prince on guitar
11-14: Prince on keyboards
DISC 4 - 79:05
01 Stratus [Billy Cobham]
02 Oye Mi Rumba [Grupo Fantasma]
Nite 05: indigO2, 11.08.2007 am, 133'
Beverley Knight 65' + Prince & The NPG 70' aftershow sets
Line-Up changes: Mixing with Beverley Knight and her band
IndigO2, 05.08.2007 am
Nikka Costa aftershow set feat. Prince & The NPG
03 Ain't That A Lot Of Love [Sam & Dave]
04 Every Time You See Me Smile [Beverley Knight]
05 Rock Steady (take #1) [Aretha Franklin]
06 Piece Of My Heart (take #1) [Erma Franklin]
07 Made It Back [Beverley Knight]
-My Name Is Prince
/Housequake (drums, short)
08 Shoulda Woulda Coulda [Beverley Knight]
09 Black Butta [Beverley Knight]
10 Keep This Fire Burning [Beverley Knight] (feat. the NPG Hornz)
11 Keep This Fire Burning (reprise) [Beverley Knight] (feat. Prince on guitar & the NPG Hornz)
-3121 (horn line)
-Miss You [Rolling Stones] (instr.)
12 Piece Of My Heart (take #2) [Erma Franklin] (Prince joins on guitar)
/Sexy MF (drums, short)
DISC 5 - 78:27
01 Greatest Day [Beverley Knight]
02 Never Too Much [Luther Vandross]
03 Sexy Dancer (instr.) ? Le Freak [Chic] (vox: Shelby J.)
-Movin' [Brass Construction] (instr.)
04 Love Rollercoaster [Ohio Players]
05 Kiss (instr. jam)
06 Rock Steady (take #2) [Aretha Franklin] (vox: Shelby J.)
07 I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) [Aretha Franklin] (vox: Shelby J.)
08 Suga Mama [Beyonce] (vox: Shelby J.)
09 Baby Love [Mother's Finest] (vox: Shelby J.)
10 Controversy
-Housequake (instr.)
11 A Love Bizarre
12 Sweet Thing [Rufus feat. Chaka Khan] (vox: Marva King, Beverley Knight, Shelby J.)
13 3121
-Alexander's Ragtime Band [Irving Berlin] (instr.)
-Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In) [Teresa Brewer] (instr.)
-Wade In The Water [US traditional]
-One Nation Under A Groove [Funkadelic]
-More Bounce To The Ounce [Zapp & Roger]
-California Love [2Pac feat. Dr. Dre]
-Atomic Dog [George Clinton] (chant)
-The Entertainer [Scott Joplin]
14 Alphabet St.
15 Bustin' Loose [Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers]
-Psychoticbumpschool [Bootsy's Rubber Band] (instr.)
-Ain't It Funky Now [James Brown] (instr.)
16 Tutu [Miles Davis]
-No Diggity [Blackstreet]
-Atomic Dog [George Clinton] (chant)
01-02: Nite 05: indigO2, 11.08.2007 am - Beverley Knight aftershow set
03-16: Nite 05: indigO2, 11.08.2007 am - Prince & The NPG aftershow feat. Beverley Knight