Dear Purple Funkateer,

(<o^>) Records - the sole purple label still ACTIVELY releasing PRESSED discs - is proud to present yet another milestone in its history!
But before doing so, let's have a quick look to the past:

・(<o^>) Records brought you unique and exclusive chronological series and collections from Las Vegas and London, with a lot of material not available anywhere else.
・(<o^>) Records brings you high-quality releases: Very rare content, well-researched and accurate information, and nicely packaged. By the fans, for the fans - because we aim to please!
・(<o^>) Records released some very creative collector's items, such as as thick booklets and artwork in various formats,
a superbly packaged BoXartworX release (multi-spine design on the London 2007 collection),
and cardboard slipcases to hold all your funk together (Las Vegas 2006 (Tome 1) and 2007 (Tome 2, to be released later))...!
・(<o^>) Records is worldwide the first label to feature an unpronounceable name! (We love his music, so we might as well follow his antics... ;-))
Now, (<o^>) Records is proud to announce yet another milestone in our history:
(<o^>) Records is the **first label worldwide** to release a PRESSED 90-MINUTE Audio-CD!
The CD is red-book compatible and has successfully been tested on a large amount of CD-players (several dozens, incl. hi-end, midi, mini, portable, car, desktop and notebook computers).
We will refer to this new"purple book"standard as"CD90".
The worldwide first-ever "CD90" we bring you is a soundboard concert from the Diamonds And Pearls tour, London1992.
This one will feature a special digipak to mark the occasion. Please see the attached flyer for more details on the release.
Coming Soon 2 A Monitor Near U...
"Purple High Court"
Prince & The New Power Generation
London,Earls Court
15 June 1992
The first Diamonds And Pearls tour date in London 90'
01. launch intro
02. Precious Lord, Take My Hand [Thomas A. Dorsey]
03. Thunder
04. Daddy Pop
05. Diamonds And Pearls
06. Let's Go Crazy
07. Kiss
08. Race (instr.) - Dead On It
09. Jughead
10. Purple Rain
11. Live 4 Love
12. Lively Up Yourself [Bob Marley]
13. Willing And Able
14. Damn U
15. Sexy MF
16. Oriental instrumental
17. Thieves In The Temple
18. It - Sexy MF
19. A Night In Tunisia [Dizzy Gillespie]
20. Strollin' (instr.)
21. Insatiable
Compared to Sabotage's "Live 4 Love":
-Excellent: Much better sound quality!
-Stereo: Not just Mono!
-Longer: Much more music, incl. "A Night In Tunisia", "Strollin'", "Insatiable"
-"Thieves In The Temple" is from one source only, no mix
Compared to Fullasoul's "The Greatest Show On Earth":
-Features the complete "launch countdown" intro at the beginning!
-"Jughead": The many "stereo-to-mono" drops have been replaced by a different source of the same concert (90")
-"Jughead": The rough start has been mixed with the intro from June 24th 1992 to make it a bit smoother
-Some minor clicks have been removed
-Better retracking