A wonderful document of Prince's historic performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 in Switzerland.
This release, which contains the *complete* main show and the *complete* aftershow, 
also marks the beginning of a new collection, entitled:


This collection, available in individual volumes, will bring you the best of all of Prince's "One Nite Stands" in various single cities in 2007,
thus closing the gap between the two long stints in Las Vegas (2006/2007) and London (2007).
Label: EYE Records
Part: Vol. 5: One Nite Stand @ 3121 Montreux
Format: 2cd (2 x CD90)
Sound Quality: Excellent audience recordings
Main Show:
41st Montreux Jazz Festival
Auditorium Stravinski
Montreux, Switzerland
Monday Nite, 16.07.2007 pm, 21:40 - 24:00, ca. 140'
Prince: vox, guitar, bass, keys
Renato Neto: jazz keys
Morris Hayes: funk keys
Cora Coleman-Dunham: drums
Josh Dunham: bass
Mike Phillips: alto sax, vocoder, tenor sax
Greg Boyer: trombone
Lee Hogans: trumpet
Shelby Johnson: vox
(The Twinz and Marva King were not present)
DISC 1 - 90:41
01 When The Saints Go Marching In [US traditional] (instr.)
02 Footprints [Miles Davis]
03 The World Is A Ghetto [War] (instr.)
-It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [Duke Ellington]
04 Mind In 7 [Cora Coleman-Dunham]
05 Down By The Riverside [US traditional] (instr.)
06 Satisfied
07 Beggin' Woman [Cousin Joe]
08 Girls & Boys
-Cutie Pie [One Way] (instr.)
09 Purple Rain
10 What A Wonderful World [Louis Armstrong] (instr.)
11 Gotta Broken Heart Again
12 Love Is A Losing Game [Amy Winehouse]
13 Sweet Thing [Rufus feat. Chaka Khan]
14 Musicology (Prince on bass)
-(Eye Like) Funky Music (chant)
-Tutu [Miles Davis]
15 Prince & The Band
DISC 2 - 89:47
01 Play That Funky Music [Wild Cherry] (Prince on guitar + keys; feat. fan from audience on vox)
-We Need Some Money [Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers] (instr.)
02 I Feel For You
03 Controversy
04 Crazy [Gnarls Barkley]
-One Nation Under A Groove [Funkadelic]
05 Nothing Compares 2 U
06 Take Me With U
07 Guitar
08 7
09 Come Together [The Beatles]
10  Little Red Corvette (acoustic)
11 Sometimes It Snows In April (acoustic)
12 MC Claude Nobs #1


41st Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux Jazz Café
Montreux, Switzerland
Monday Nite, 17.07.2007 am, 02:55 - 03:35, ca. 40'
13 Brick House [The Commodores] (Prince on keys)
-Tricky (instr.)
14 3121
15 MC Claude Nobs #2
16 The Chicken [James Brown]
17 Get On The Boat
18 MC Claude Nobs #3
This 2cd-release features:
-The best audio around
-The complete shows - every note played (complete version of “When The Saints Go Marching In”), and every word said by the festival’s director Claude Nobs (complete speech at the very end of the aftershow)
-Proper tracking, in-depth track-listing and complete MJF history in the 16-page booklet
-A wonderful document of a historic and unique show on 2 x CD90 filled to the max (timings: ca. 140’ main show + 40’ aftershow = 180’ in total)
Claude Nobs, the MJF's founder and director, has slowly begun to think about retiring from the Montreux Jazz Festival over the last couple of years. But before doing so, he had TWO big artists on his wish list, which he really wanted to bring to the MJF to finish-off his professional career in beauty. The first one was his friend and long-time Swiss chalet neighbor David Bowie (who has also recorded songs in Montreux) - Claude achieved to put Bowie on the bill in 2002, where he played a sensational, extra-long set. The second artist on Claude's special wish-list was - PRINCE! With that in mind, you will understand Claude's very own enthusiasm about Prince’s attendance, originally billed the "Surprise Jazz Night". Working for this and rumored for many, many years, Claude finally made the impossible happen in the 2007 edition of the festival. Enjoy this truly historic document of a wonderful festival nite on the coastline of Lake Geneva, with Prince on fire!