3121 London Week #7: "21" (6 discs)

The Best of Nites 19 - 20 - 21 (2007-09-16 / 2007-09-20 / 2007-09-21)
6 Discs „ComboPak": 5 Audio CDs + 1 DVD9 (double-layer video)!
Total Audio Timing (5 CD): 438’ (ø 87.6’!)
Total Video Timing (DVD): 219’
Total Music (Week #7): 657’

Main Shows:

Discs 1+2: Prince & The NPG live @ O2 Arena, London:
           Nite 21: 2007-09-21 - complete show, excellent audio! (113')
           Nite 19: 2007-09-16 - highlights (37')
           Nite 20: 2007-09-20 - highlights (16')
Discs 2-5: Prince & The NPG live @ indigO2, London:
           Nite 19: 2007-09-17am - complete Prince aftershow, best audio available! (95')
           Nite 21: 2007-09-22am - complete Prince aftershow feat. Amy Winehouse, Beverley Knight, best audio available! (152')
           Nite 20: 2007-09-21am - highlights of the aftershow feat. NPG Hornz & NPG Vox jamming with Raiyn and John Altman (14')
PLUS 2 very special extra audio trax - unreleased studio songs from PA: "Prince & The Band" and "Sexy MF 2007"! (9')
DVD9 double-layer video:
Disc 6: Prince & The NPG live @ O2 Arena, London:
           Nite 18: 2007-09-13 - with upgraded audio!
           Nite 21: 2007-09-21 - with upgraded audio!
           This surprise date - The Finale! - has not been circulating on video - until now! It is a still absolutely uncirculating video source...
This release constitutes the last part, #7, and thus completes the collector's only Collage-boXartworX™ image, made up of the individual flaps on the sides.
Special goodie coming with Week #7: The 3121 London Cardboard!
A beautiful cardboard slipcase with glossy finish for your complete London collection!
Limited and numbered on thick paper/coated cardboard, fits all 7 "Weeks" (Volumes).
Guaranteed to hold your 7 Weeks, regardless of the thickness of the jewel case CD boxes... ;-)
Week #7: "21"
NITE 21: O2 Arena, 2007-09-21, 113' (excl. breaks)
Line-Up changes: Maceo Parker (back from Japan)

Disc 1 - 90:38

01 psychedelic intro
02 I Feel For You
03 Controversy
04 Somewhere Here On Earth
05 Cream
06 U Got The Look
07 Musicology
           -Race (instr.)
           -I Feel Alright (=The Little Groove Maker Me) [James Brown] (chant)
08 Chelsea Rodgers
09 Sexy Dancer (instr.) - Le Freak [Chic] (vox: Shelby J.)
10 A Love Bizarre
11 Pass The Peas [The JB's]
12 paradise interlude
13 Diamonds And Pearls
14 The Beautiful Ones
15 Little Red Corvette
16 I Would Die 4 U
17 Under The Cherry Moon (instr.)
18 Sometimes It Snows In April
19 Purple Rain (piano start)
20 Take Me With U
21 Guitar
22 Kiss
23 Let's Go Crazy
24 1999
25 Nothing Compares 2 U
           -The Simpsons Theme [Danny Elfman]
13-18: piano set
Nite 21: On entry to the arena everyone was given a purple glow stick, which made for a nice purple effect during the show, the finale of the mammoth 21 nites stint. After the first "false end" to the concert people in the upper tiers began throwing their glow sticks down onto the lower tiers. When Prince was performing the sampler set encore a glow stick was thrown from the floor section and appeared to hit him (or his stool). He simply ignored it and proceeded with the funk - however on entry to the aftershow security were confiscating all glow sticks… Before the sampler set encore, The Twinz were wheeled to the stage sitting on top of the equipment box that Prince used to be transported in, to and from the stage. When all 3 took the stage Prince had "21" spray-painted in red on the back of his white jacket by The Twinz to mark the event. For the final encore Prince walked to the stage through the crowd (like he did for the very first nite).
Disc 2 - 90:38
01 "21" / sampler intro
02 Sign "O" The Times
03 When Doves Cry
04 Darling Nikki (intro)
05 I Wanna Be Your Lover
06 Erotic City (intro)
07 Alphabet St.
08 D.M.S.R.
09 Delirious
10 Gett Off (Houstyle) (intro) / The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (intro)
11 Irresistible Bitch
12 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
13 Raspberry Beret
14 When You Were Mine
15 Girls & Boys
           -Cutie Pie [One Way] (instr.)
Bonus 1
NITE 19: O2 Arena, 2007-09-16, 37'
Line-Up changes: No Maceo Parker; Opening Act: Special NPG only warm-up act, lead vox: Shelby J.
16 Chelsea Rodgers
17 Misty Blue [Bobby Montgomery]
18 Baby Love [Mother's Finest]
19 What A Wonderful World [Louis Armstrong] (instr. interlude)
20 Little Red Corvette (spoken intro)
21 Adore
22 Insatiable (blues version)
23 Money Don't Matter 2 Night
24 Dear Mr. Man (blues version)
25 I Would Die 4 U
26 Little Red Corvette
27 Under The Cherry Moon (instr.)
28 Love Is A Losing Game [Amy Winehouse] (piano intro; feat. Shelby J.)
29 Whole Lotta Love [Led Zeppelin]
Bonus 2
NITE 20: O2 Arena, 2007-09-20, 16'
Line-Up changes: No Maceo Parker on stage (although he was back from Japan, and watched the end of the show from the side).
30 Shadows And Chains (new song based on The Chain [Fleetwood Mac])
31 People Get Ready [Curtis Mayfield] (instr.) - When Will We Be Paid [The Staple Singers]
32 Money Don't Matter 2 Night
33 How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore
34 Condition Of The Heart
35 Little Red Corvette
36 Raspberry Beret
37 Sometimes It Snows In April
Bonus 3
NITE 20: indigO2,2007-09-21 am, 14'
Line-Up changes: No Prince - NPG Hornz & NPG Vox (Shelby J., Marva) with Raiyn, feat. John Altman (sax).
38 So What [Miles Davis] (sax: John Altman)
39 More Bounce To The Ounce [Zapp & Roger] (vocoder: Mike Phillips)
40 Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose [Teddy Pendergrass] (vox: Shelby J. & Marva)
01-13: sampler set
16-18: NPG only opening act, feat. Shelby on lead vox
19-27: piano set
30-37: piano set
Disc 3 - 84:10
Special bonus: Unreleased studio tracks, played over the PA at the indigO2 - NITE 03, 2007-08-04 pm, 9'
01 Prince & The Band (PA) - 2:04
02 Sexy MF 2007 (PA) - 6:39
DJ Rashida played two unreleased studio tracks over the PA at the indigO2 on NITE 03 (2007-08-04): "Prince & The Band" and "Sexy MF", both new 2007 versions featuring Maceo Parker on sax. "Prince & The Band 2007" is quite different from the 'original', deep-funk live version played at Paisley Park in 2002 (Xenophobia). It's now a lightweight jazz-pop number, in the same vein as "Song Of The Heart" or "Courtin' Time". "Sexy MF 2007" is a newly recorded clean version. It features a sample of "everybody dance now!", taken from C+C Music Factory's first hit "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" from 1990.
NITE 19: indigO2,
2007-09-17 am, 95'
Line-Up changes: No Maceo Parker. Feat. The Twinz on stage (their parents were in attendance, on the balcony)
03 Thank You For Talkin' To Me Africa [Sly & The Family Stone]
04 3121 - D.M.S.R.
           -Alexander's Ragtime Band [Irving Berlin] (instr.)
           -Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In) [Teresa Brewer] (instr.)
           -The Entertainer [Scott Joplin]
05 Girls & Boys
06 What Have You Done For Me Lately [Janet Jackson] (instr.)
07 Song Of The Heart - Just Like U (monologue part 1)
08 Delirious - Just Like U (monologue part 2)
09 Satisfied
10 Beggin' Woman Blues
           -Beggin' Woman [Joseph Pleasant, a.k.a. Cousin Joe]
           -Cock-Eyed Woman [Prince]
           -Three Handed Woman [Louis Jordan]
11 Lolita (feat. The Twinz on stage)
12 Black Sweat (feat. The Twinz on stage)
13 It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me [Barry White] (instr. jam) - You Bring Me Joy [Mary J. Blige] (vox: Shelby J.) - Be Happy [Mary J. Blige] (vox: Shelby J.)
           -Tom's Diner [Suzanne Vega] (instr.)
14 It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me [Barry White] (vox: Prince)
15 Over The Rainbow [H. Arlen/E.Y. Harburg] (instr.) - Nine Million Bicycles [Katie Melua]
16 Gotta Broken Heart Again
Disc 4 - 86:51
01 Sing A Simple Song [Sly & The Family Stone]
02 Everyday People [Sly & The Family Stone]
           -What Have You Done For Me Lately [Janet Jackson] (instr.)
"I used to be just like you": Prince jokes about not being able to go out in public anymore without people wanting to take a photo of him. Prince decided to end the aftershow by playing from the Kings Row balcony - he led Marva King and Shelby J. across the dance floor, to the VIP lift for access to the upstairs section, jamming on the guitar the whole time…
NITE 21: indigO2,
2007-09-22 am, 152' (excl. breaks)
Line-Up changes: feat. Amy Winehouse, Beverley Knight, Maceo Parker (back from Japan)
03 instrumental intro
04 Love Is A Losing Game [Amy Winehouse] (vox: Amy Winehouse)
05 7
06 Come Together [The Beatles]
07 Honky Tonk Women [The Rolling Stones] (vox: Shelby J.)
08 Rock Steady [Aretha Franklin] (vox: Beverley Knight)
           /Give Me The "Knight" [George Benson] (chant)
09 Whole Lotta Love [Led Zeppelin] (instr.)
10 Shhh
11 All The Critics Love U In London (17' jam)
           -You Can Make It If You Try [Sly & The Family Stone] (instr.)
Disc 5 - 85:22
01 Sexy Dancer (instr.) - Le Freak [Chic] (vox: Shelby J.)
           -Movin' [Brass Construction] (instr.)
02 Chelsea Rodgers
03 Misty Blue [Bobby Montgomery] (vox: Shelby J.)
04 Baby Love [Mother's Finest] (vox: Shelby J.)
05 Love Changes [Mother's Finest] (intro)
06 Kiss (guitar snippet)
07 Alphabet St.
08 (Eye Like) Funky Music (6' jam)
09 Get On The Boat
10 Love Rollercoaster [Ohio Players] (short)
11 Play That Funky Music [Wild Cherry]
           -Psychoticbumpschool [Bootsy's Rubber Band] (instr.)
           -We Need Some Money [Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers] (instr.)
           -Sabre Dance (from Gayane) [Aram Khachaturian]
12 Anotherloverholenyohead
13 Rock Lobster [The B-52's] (instr.)
14 Villanova Junction [Jimi Hendrix]
15 Peach
16 Rock Me, Baby [BB King]
17 Stratus [Billy Cobham]
18 The Question Of U (instr.) - The One
19 What Have You Done For Me Lately [Janet Jackson]
20 Partyman
21 It's Alright [Graham Central Station]