777-3121 (4cd)

A wonderful document of Prince's historic hat-trick event for the 3121 perfume launch in Minneapolis on 07/07/07: 3 shows in one day!
This release will contain the *complete* afternoon (Macy's), evening (Target Center) and late nite (First Avenue - back after 20 years!) 
shows of that day, plus rare bonus material from MPLS.
This set constitues a major upgrade compared to the already circulating versions - for example:
-Macy's is from an absolutely uncirculating source, 100% complete (unlike the free version), and in much better quality!
-Target Center is now much more enjoyable, with e.g. the premiere of "The One U Wanna C" feat. much less audience noise thanks to an uncirculating source
-First Avenue is now absolutely complete thanks to an uncirculating source (start is missing on the circulating version) and in the best quality possible (no Sector Boundary Errors - the circulating version features noticeable clicks due to careless SBE, a drop in 3121, a pop in Gotta Broken Heart Again, etc. - none of this is present here!)
...among other details, plus a whole range of exclusive "MPLS" bonus material!
Disc 1 (feat. Sheila E.) 
3121 Perfume launch on "7-7-7"
Before-show (44')
Saturday Afternoon, 7 July 2007, 17:10-17:55
Macy's Department Store, 8th Floor Auditorium
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Prince: Vox, guitar, bass, keys
Renato Neto: Jazz keys
Morris Hayes: Funk keys
Cora Coleman-Dunham: Drums
Josh Dunham: Bass
Mike Phillips: Alto sax, tenor sax
Greg Boyer: Trombone
Lee Hogans: Trumpet
Shelby Johnson: Vox
The Twinz - Maya & Nandy McLean: Dancing
1  When The Saints Go Marching In [US traditional] (instr.) 
2  3121
     -Alexander's Ragtime Band [Irving Berlin] (instr.)
     -Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In) [Teresa Brewer] (instr.)
3  Girls & Boys
     -Do Ya Think I'm Sexy [Rod Stewart] (instr.)
4  A Love Bizarre
5  Get On The Boat
6  The Glamorous Life
7  Take Me With U
8  Guitar
9  Crazy [Gnarls Barkley] (vox: Shelby J.)
10 Let's Go Crazy
Bonus 1:
Dr. Mambo’s Combo at Bunker's Music Bar & Grill
761 Washington Avenue N - Minneapolis, MN 55401
8 July 2007 = “7-8-7”
Margie Cox (Margaret Cox): Vocals
Mark Lichtieg: Vocals
G-Sharp (Greg Sain): Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Billy Franze: Guitar/Vocals
Bill Brown: Keys
Unknown: Drums (not Michael B.)
Charles Hayes: Bass
Jellybean Johnson: Guitar
11  I Wanna Be Your Lover 
       -I’m Too Sexy [Right Said Fred]
       -Erotic City
12  Head   
13  Delirious   
14  17 Days   
15  When Doves Cry   
16  Jungle Love   
17  Everybody Dance [Ta Mara & The Seen]
18  Fake [Alexander O’Neal]
Bonus 2: 
The Truth at Bunker's Music Bar & Grill
761 Washington Avenue N - Minneapolis, MN 55401
16 February 2008
St. Paul Peterson: Bass, vocals, guitar and keyboards (The Time, The Family)
Jellybean Johnson: Guitar (The Time, The Family)
O'Dell: Guitar and vocals (Mint Condition)
Donnie LaMarca: Keyboards (St. Paul, Giorgia, Ann Nesby, Jonny Lang)
Jerry Hubbard: Bass, keyboards, guitar and vocals (The Time, Jesse Johnson)
Chance Howard: Bass guitar, bass synth and vocals (Prince, The Time)
Kirk Johnson: Drums and vocals (Prince)
Eric Leeds: Saxophones, keyboards and vocals (Prince)
19  Ten [Madhouse]
      -Lines [Eric Leeds]
      -Tricky (instr.)
20  Strange Relationship
      -Lickin' Stick [James Brown]
      -It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night  
21  Mutiny
      -It's Too Funky In Here [James Brown]
Disc 2 (feat. Sheila E. & Wendy Melvoin) 
Main show (129'), part I  
Saturday Nite, 7 July 2007, 22:00-00:10
Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
01  intro   
02  Purple Rain   
03  Take Me With U   
04  Guitar   
05  Shhh   
06  Musicology incl. Race (instr.)     
07  Prince & The Band (incl. Prince bass solo)
08  Play That Funky Music [Wild Cherry]
       -Psychoticbumpschool [Bootsy’s Rubber Band] (instr.)
09  Let's Go [The Cars]   
10  Satisfied
11  What A Wonderful World [Louis Armstrong] (instr., Renato Neto & Mike Phillips)  
Prince & Wendy on acoustic guitars: 
12  Little Red Corvette
13  Raspberry Beret
14  The One U Wanna C (“bootleggable” country version)   
15  Sometimes It Snows In April
full band:
16  7
17  Come Together [The Beatles]  
Prince on piano:
18  The Cross (intro)   
19  Do Me, Baby   
20  I Wanna Be Your Lover
21  How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore   
22  Diamonds And Pearls
Disc 3 (feat. Sheila E. & Wendy Melvoin) 
Main show (129'), part II  
Saturday Nite, 7 July 2007, 22:00-00:10
Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
01  Cream
02  U Got The Look
03  If I Was Your Girlfriend   
04  Black Sweat   
05  Kiss
06  Let's Go Crazy   
07  A Love Bizarre
08  Crazy [Gnarls Barkley] (vox: Shelby J.)
       -One Nation Under A Groove [Funkadelic]
09  Nothing Compares 2 U   
10  Get On The Boat (aborted)
11  The Glamorous Life 
2nd Annual “Prince Family Reunion”, at The Cabooze
912 Cedar Avenue S - Minneapolis, MN 55404
6 June 2008
Dez Dickerson* (Prince & the Revolution),
Michael Bland (Prince & the NPG),
Eric Leeds (Prince, The Family, Madhouse),
Mike Scott (Prince)
O'Dell (Mint Condition),
Dr. Matt Fink (Prince & the Revolution),
Jerry Hubbard (The Time, Jesse Johnson Revue),
Donnie La Marca (Jonny Lang)
G-Sharp (Jimmy Vaughn),
Mark Lichtieg (Dr. Mambo's Combo),
Bill Brown (Dr. Mambo's Combo)
Billy Franze (Dr. Mambo's Combo)
12  Girls & Boys
13  Do It All Night
14  Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
15  Little Red Corvette *
16  Modernaire [Dez Dickerson] *
17  Let's Work
18  America
Disc 4: (feat. Sheila E., Wendy Melvoin & Larry Graham) 
Aftershow (70')
Saturday Nite, 8 July 2007, 02:40-03:50
Minneapolis First Avenue, Minnesota
1.     3121
-Alexander's Ragtime Band [Irving Berlin] (instr.)
-Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In) [Teresa Brewer] (instr.)
-More Bounce To The Ounce [Zapp & Roger] (chant)
-Humpin’ Around [Bobby Brown] (instr.)
-Tom’s Diner [Suzanne Vega] (instr.)
-California Love [2Pac feat. Dr. Dre] (chant)
2.     Girls & Boys
-Cutie Pie [One Way] (instr.)
3.     I Feel For You
4.     Controversy
-My Name Is Prince (chant)
5.     Beggin' Woman Blues (new song!)
-Beggin' Woman [Joseph Pleasant, a.k.a. Cousin Joe]
-Cock-Eyed Woman [Prince]
-Three Handed Woman [Louis Jordan]
6.     Satisfied
7.     Down By The Riverside [US traditional] (instr.)
8.     Gotta Broken Heart Again
9.     Love Is A Losing Game [Amy Winehouse] (vox: Shelby J.)
10.   Love Changes [Mother's Finest] (vox: Shelby J.)
11.   Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) [Sly & The Family Stone]
12.   Hair [Graham Central Station]
13.   Sing A Simple Song [Sly & The Family Stone]
14.   Everyday People [Sly & The Family Stone]
15.   Alphabet St.
Bonus 1: Soundboard - Live from the same aftershow, 6’ (
16.   Satisfied
17.   Down By The Riverside [US traditional] (instr.)
Bonus 2: Turn Me Loose - New song!
18.   Turn Me Loose (live broadcast) [Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Burbank/CA, NBC Studios, 2008-04-25]
19.   Turn Me Loose (studio version) [aired on KJLH radio Los Angeles, 2008-09-24]
MPLS Hat Trick - A Triple Homerun!
“For those of U on perfume!”:
Some of the finest First Avenue shows:
08 March 1982, 
16 May 1983, 
03 August 1983, 
07 June 1984, 
14 August 1984, 
03 March 1986, 
21 March 1987... and: 
08 July 2007 (am)!
Which means: Prince hadn’t played at “Purple Rain’s birthplace” for well over 20 years! It’s a historic return after his last gig there back in 1987, “For those of U on valium!”. 
With Prince’s professional planning, you'll wonder how the idea of playing a unique homecoming gig at First Avenue was conceived? – Well, it was simply due to the fact that both, air conditioning and water system in the restrooms were not working at Paisley Park, as his people found out a few days before 7-7-7…!
Here's what Prince was supposed to play before the Police stopped the First Avenue Show:
“We’re at First Avenue,” Prince said as he strummed the beginning of “Controversy’ “We gotta do it.” Shortly after he sang “wish there were no rules,” Prince caved into the 
rules. “The authorities say we gotta go,” he said 70 minutes into his late, late set that started at 2:45 a.m. Sunday. ”We always listen to the authorities. I promise I’ll be back.” 
He was 15 songs into a planned 24-tune set. At this point, Prince and the band exited, and everyone expected an encore — except all we got was Prince’s speech about the authorities. Here’s what was still left on the set list - what he didn't get to play:
16 Baby Love 17 The Dance 18 Let’s Go 19 Anotherloverholenyohead 20 The Question Of U 21 Peach 22  Lolita 23  Black Sweat 24 Kiss