Rehearsal for June 7th 1984 First Avenue Show (May-June 1984)
Playing time: 72'
Flying Cloud Drive warehouse, Eden Prairie/MN (outside Minneapolis, next to Chanhassen/MN)
This is an intimate rehearsal in preparation of the birthday concert at First Avenue on June 7th 1984. Professionally filmed by a single camera on a tripod directly in front of the band, this footage offers an excellent view of the action. Enjoy extremely rare performances of 'Our Destiny’, ‘Roadhouse Garden' and ‘All Day, All Night’, and witness Prince working intensely on his dance moves (which produces some very funny moments). This is a truly fascinating insight into an early full band rehearsal.
Line-Up - Prince & The Revolution:
Prince: guitar, piano
Wendy Melvoin: guitar
Dr. Fink: keyboards
Lisa Coleman: keyboards
Bobby Z.: drums
Brown Mark: bass
1. 17 Days (take #1)
2. Our Destiny (take #1)
3. Roadhouse Garden  (take #1, instr., aborted)
4. 17 Days (take #2)
5. Our Destiny (take #2)
6. Roadhouse Garden  (take #2)
7. All Day, All Night
8. Free
9. Erotic City
   -All The Critics Love U In New York (instr.)
10. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
11. Irresistible Bitch
12. When Doves Cry
13. Possessed
Bonus 1:
Apollonia 6 Short Film: "Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian", unreleased rough-cut, 22'
Shot in Los Angeles in 1985 - rare!
This is the unreleased Apollonia 6 mini movie, titled "Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian". It was filmed in 1985 and centers around the girls having to find work after they discover that Mr. Christian has died and left them out of his will. The whole movie is basically a long running music video, with funny dialogues and the girls in various sexy outfits. The movie also includes appearances by Ricky Nelson, Edy Williams and Buck Henry.
Apollonia 6 was the 1980s female singing trio created by Prince as a continuation/succession of a previous group, Vanity 6.
1. Happy Birthday Mr. Christian (intro)
2. "Opening of the will"
3. Sex Shooter (short)
4. The Teddy Bears' Picnic [John Walter Bratton/Jimmy Kennedy] (short)
5. Ooo She She Wa Wa
6. Sex Shooter
7. Blue Limousine
8. Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian
Bonus 2:
Video clips in excellent quality
VANITY 6 Video Clips:
1. He's So Dull
2. Nasty Girl
3. Drive Me Wild
APOLLONIA 6 Video Clip:
4. Sex Shooter (long version)