Finally, this historic show is available in a pressed format! Professionally fimed, soundboard. This is the nite where it all began...
Minneapolis, First Avenue
Benefit Concert for the Minnesota Dance Theatre
Total playing time: 74'
This is the legendary First Avenue 1983 show (3rd August 1983), a benefit concert for the Minnesota Dance Theatre and it’s one of the best Prince concerts ever! Just before Purple Rain launched him into worldwide stardom the following year, there is a rawness and purity in this performance that makes it very special. The energetic show is extraordinary for many reasons, not least for the rare and unique performances of ‘Electric Intercourse’ and ‘Purple Rain’, performed in its entirety.
The event marks the live premiere of numerous tracks that would eventually end up on the Purple Rain album, just before they were made famous: ‘I Would Die 4 U’, ‘Baby, I'm A Star’ and ‘Purple Rain’ from this show were the basis for the reworked tracks on the album. Not to be outdone, this is also the only live performance (outside of any rehearsal), which features the orgasmic magnificence of ‘Electric Intercourse’. Both ’Computer Blue’ and ‘Purple Rain’ are performed in their longer versions, with ‘Purple Rain’ featuring its missing verse and a longer guitar solo - a stunning performance.
Line-Up - Prince & The Revolution:
Prince: guitar, piano
Wendy Melvoin: guitar - her debut with the band!
Dr. Fink: keyboards
Lisa Coleman: keyboards
Bobby Z.: drums
Brown Mark: bass
1. Let’s Go Crazy
2. When You Were Mine
3. A Case Of You [Joni Mitchell]
4. Computer Blue
5. Delirious
6. Electric Intercourse (unreleased song)
7. Automatic
8. I Would Die 4 U
9. Baby, I’m A Star
10. Little Red Corvette
11. interlude - Loyce Houlton speech (artistic director of MDT)
12. Purple Rain
13. D.M.S.R.