Minneapolis, First Avenue
feat. Sue Ann Carwell, Morris Day & The Time
Total playing time: 89'
"Listen - this is not a concert, ok. This is a dance!"

Main Shows:

The show is rightly lauded as one of the finer Prince shows from the early part of his career. This is a hectic, fabulously fast and furious one-off show. Prince played a regular concert at the Met Center in Minneapolis the night before, as part of the (second leg of the) Controversy tour. However, this performance on a day off is not an aftershow, and not strictly a concert: "Listen - this is not a concert, ok. This is a dance! If you can dance to this stuff you’re a better man than me. The only reason we’re here is because we don’t have nowhere else to go."
The show starts out with a ferocious, very fast paced punk version of 'Bambi' before moving on to an extremely lengthy version of (the then still unreleased) 'All The Critics Love U In New York', being performed live for the first time! Other highlights include a sublime 'Sexy Dancer', Sue Ann Carwell joining Prince on vocals for 'Still Waiting', and a lengthy jam on 'Head'. Following a short break after ‘Sexuality’, Morris Day and members of The Time take the stage for 2-song performance, including the non-album ‘Dance To The Beat’, with Prince interjecting: "I didn't like that. Wait a minute. Play somethin' y'all know how to play." Next follows ‘The Stick’ with Prince teasing Morris by asking: "Can you still play the drums?" - and with Morris wittingly answering “Can you still play the guitar?” In any event, Morris proved his skills by playing a superb, monster drum solo on the fantastic closing "Partyup".
This is a phenomenal performance from start to finish:
Welcome 2 The Dance!
Prince: lead vocals and guitar
Dez Dickerson: guitar
Brown Mark: bass
Bobby Z.: drums
Lisa Coleman: keyboards
Matt Fink: keyboards
Sue Ann Carwell: vocals and keyboards (Still Waiting)
Morris Day: vocals (Dance To The Beat, The Stick) and drums (Partyup)
Jesse Johnson: guitar (Dance To The Beat, The Stick, Partyup)
Jellybean Johnson: drums (Dance To The Beat, The Stick)
Jimmy Jam: keyboards (Dance To The Beat, The Stick, Partyup)
01 introduction
02 Bambi
03 All The Critics Love U In New York
04 When You Were Mine
05 Sexy Dancer
06 interlude #1
07 Still Waiting (feat. Sue Ann Carwell on vox)
08 interlude #2
     -Dragnet Theme (a.k.a. Danger Ahead, based on The Killers Theme Music) [Miklós Rózsa] (short)
     -Twilight Zone Theme [Jerry Goldsmith] (short)
09 Head
     -Jingle Bells (a.k.a. One Horse Open Sleigh) [James Lord Pierpont] (instr., short)
10 Sexuality
11 interlude #3
12 Dance To The Beat (Morris Day & The Time)
13 The Stick (Morris Day & The Time)
14 interlude #4
15 Partyup (feat. Morris Day on drums)
For the first time this exceptional performance is available in complete form on a pressed release, and in the best quality possible! Presented the way it should be, this unique one-off show is complete on one CD90!
Work done:
-Rejoined disc 1-disc 2 meticulously
-Eliminated various clicks and one annoying noise (glass bottle?) in ‘introduction’
-Eliminated a pop in ‘When You Were Mine’
-Smoothed the transition between ‘Sexuality’ and ‘interlude #3’ with a tiny crossfade
-Plus other small details (subtle retracking, etc.)