Friday, 10 October 2008: "The stock market was crashin', there were people runnin' everywhere..."

New York / NY, Hotel Gansevoort -
To celebrate the release of his first book, the hefty photo essay "21 Nights", Prince played a pair of implausibly intimate shows in the poolside penthouse of luxury New York hotspot Hotel Gansevoort Friday 10 October 2008. Tickets were $1,050 for the early show and $312.10 for the afterparty (proceeds benefitted the Love 4 One Another charity and Urban Farming), and attendees were treated a rare opportunity to see His Royal Badness in a room that had the size, energy and temperature of a frat party - on the rooftop of a stylish NYC hotel: “It's my job New York!”

Total Running Time: 255'
Special: Comes with stylish "16-page" twin/double Leporello. Limited edition, stamp-numbered release. First come, first served: The sooner U order, the lower is the number U get!
Live premieres of the following new Prince songs are featured on this release: Colonized Mind, Crimson And Clover - Wild Thing (medley/cover), plus bits of (There'll Never B) Another Like Me and Chocolate Box!
And listen to rare live renditions of: Long Train Runnin’ [The Doobie Brothers], Miss You [The Rolling Stones], Can’t Hide Love [Earth, Wind & Fire], I Want To Be Free [Ohio Players], Angel [Sarah McLachlan], Red House [Jimi Hendrix], Brown Skin [india.arie], Summer Madness [Kool & The Gang] - In The Morning [Ledisi], Love’s Taken Over [Chanté Moore], and many more!
Prince: Vox, guitar, keys
Morris Hayes: keys
Cora Coleman-Dunham: drums
Josh Dunham: bass
Shelby Johnson: (backing) vox
Marva King: (backing) vox
(No Hornz, no Renato Neto)
Frédéric Yonnet: harmonica *
Dave Chappelle: tambourine”
Disc 1 - Main Show
New York / NY, Hotel Gansevoort, Rooftop
Show One - Main Show, 91' (100% of the show, fits on one CD90!)
Friday Nite, 10 October 2008, 09:15 - 11:45pm
01 intro
02 Colonized Mind
03 1999
04 I Feel For You
05 Controversy
06 Sexy Dancer - Le Freak [Chic] (vox: Shelby J.) *
07 Miss You [The Rolling Stones] *
08 Satisfied *
09 Beggin' Woman Blues
-Beggin' Woman [Joseph Pleasant, a.k.a. Cousin Joe]
-Cock-Eyed Woman [Prince]
-Three Handed Woman [Louis Jordan]
10 Purple Rain
11 A Love Bizarre
12 What Is Hip? [Tower Of Power] *
13 Stratus [Billy Cobham] *
14 Cream
15 U Got The Look
16 Angel [Sarah McLachlan] (vox: Shelby J.) *
17 Nothing Compares 2 U
Disc 2 - Aftershow Part I
New York / NY, Hotel Gansevoort, Rooftop
Show Two - Aftershow, 163'
Friday Nite, 11 October 2008, 01:00 - 03:50am
01 Crimson And Clover [Tommy James & The Shondells] - Wild Thing [Chip Taylor]
02 Let’s Go [The Cars]
03 7
04 Come Together [The Beatles] (feat. Dave Chappelle on tambourine)
05 1999
06 Controversy
-(There'll Never B) Another Like Me (chant)
07 Sexy Dancer - Le Freak [Chic] (vox: Shelby J.)
08 Long Train Runnin’ [The Doobie Brothers] (vox: Shelby J.) *
09 Shhh
10 Musicology
11 Prince & The Band
12 3121
13 Girls & Boys
14 Honky Tonk Women [The Rolling Stones] (vox: Shelby J.)
15 Stratus [Billy Cobham] *
16 Miss You [The Rolling Stones] *
17 Red House [Jimi Hendrix] *
Disc 3 - Aftershow Part II (+ Bonus)
01 Purple Rain
02 interlude: Dave Chapelle set (stand-up comedy, 8')
03 Brown Skin [india.arie] (vox: Shelby J.)
04 Summer Madness [Kool & The Gang] (instr.) - In The Morning [Ledisi] (vox: Shelby J.)
05 Can’t Hide Love [Earth, Wind & Fire]
06 Love’s Taken Over [Chanté Moore] (vox: Marva King)
07 I Want To Be Free [Ohio Players]
-Chocolate Box (lyrics)
08 Cream
09 U Got The Look
10 What Have You Done For Me Lately [Janet Jackson]
11 Partyman
12 It’s Alright [Graham Central Station]
13 Alphabet St.
14 The Bird
15 Jungle Love
16 The Glamorous Life (vox: Marva King)
17 A Love Bizarre
Bonus track: 
Q-Tip feat. Prince on guitar - surprise guest appearance/performance!
Las Vegas / NV, House Of Blues, 3'
16 November 2008
18 Vivrant Thing [Q-Tip] (Q-Tip feat. Prince on guitar)